Adisco Terminology (terms)


Term Meaning/Description
Abéébé Gari and sugar with no milk
Adwen One who thinks he is wise
Airport That place across the road from upper school where we used to.....y'know?
Akwe£ Soyabean
Anti-So Anti social. One who is by himself most of the time with very few friends
Apian way A short cut for getting to a place quicker instead of taking the normal route
Asokpo One who does not discriminate when it comes to women - he likes both young and old, ugly and beautiful, groundnut sellers and those who have class as well. The term can also be used for an ugly lady
Asui Lunch feat amen
Aswee Dining hall/ dining hall food
Bilé Error or mispronunciation of a word
Bolus Ga Kenkey
Carbo Cheap soap
Chi-Kay Aponkye nkakra
Common Room  
DC Disciplinary Committee
Dry Not having your bath; Going to a girl's school without seeing the one you went to see or not knowing anybody there
Faa Punish (as in “I go faa you”)
Fag School son or servant
Fagmaster The master of a fag - school son or servant
Feen Rich as in a rich student
Ferme£ Fermented Kenkey
Fiat Let it be done (or Amen)
Fill-In-The-Gap Pulling of the nose as a form of punishment
Grazo Gari mixed with Shito with no canned meat or fish
Home-made Meal from one's home as compared to that in the dinning hall
Homo First year student at Adisco
Job 600 Science Lab buildings
Katanga Adisadel campus below the hill
Kojo Standard  
Kumasi A place in Katanga where water is fetched
Kye K Aponkye Nkrakra - Fufu with goat meat usually from a chop bar
Leopoldville Adisadel campus on the hill
Loaf Bread
Match Box Master's flats
Mining Studying through the night and forgoing sleep
Non Fa Non factual, irrelevant, not needed
Odzi Elderly Students
Opiitu Cheap Gari
Pantry Boys  
Pavillion Spectator stands at the main sports/soccer field
Pepper Give a small quantity of something
Red Red Fried plantains with beans. A special Saturday lunch meal
Sabadéé Notorious clan notable various mischievous acts
Sabadine Belonging to the Sabadéé clan
Saucy Stubbon
Seiho (Se£ Ho) Scramble for food
Sharp Brain Smart or academically bright person
Sopi Surplus given to students who bribe the pantry boys
Spirogyra Kontomire (Spinach sauce)
Sponging Being a parasite
Squat Motor Guzzi
Stretch Stretching your hand to be hit
Sua Nana Bookworm
Toppo or Toppos Toilet
Tuo Rice balls
Waste Pipe Lazy student or one who does not partake in any sporting activity
White House The Head Prefect's residence
Wild Info Untrue or Fallacious story
Wretched Sailor Dirty student
Ziaa! Exclamation signaling grammatical error or mispronunciation

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Awotwe babies
School Fountain on the Hill also known as "Awotwi Babies"


The Hill
Adisco on the Hill



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