Uploading Pictures and Video

The following instructions can be used to send either large file sizes or many picture/video files to the webmaster for publication on the Adisadel College websites. The process involves using an online tool called Z-Share to upload files to a shared resource which can be downloaded by the webmaster. Once the files are uploaded, the webmaster is informed through a simple email message. This procedure is better than attaching many photo or large video files to an email message since there are limitations on the size of an email. You do not have to register as a Z-Share member.

Steps for using Z-Share to upload pictures and/or video files to the webmaster:

  1. Create a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Copy about 50 picture files into the folder
    Note: the reason for using 50 pictures is to prevent a huge file from being created due to limits within Z-Share and also speed up the upload process. The maximum upload file size is 500MB.
  3. Right-click on the Folder and select the option "Send To" ----> "Compressed (zipped) Folder"    
    Note1: This will create a zipped file (file extension is .zip) in the file's parent folder. As an example: if you create a folder called 'Pics1'
    in another folder called 'Photos' then after this Step 3 you will see a file called 'Pics1.zip'  in the 'Photos' folder.    
    Note2: This step will compress all the pictures in the created folder into a single zipped file. This is important for the upload process.
  4. Go to the website:  http://www.zshare.net
  5. At the Z-Share website find the Browse Button - this button is somewhere in the middle of the web page
  6. Click on the Browse Button - this will display the Choose File to Upload dialog
  7. Navigate in the file dialog to find the zipped file created in Step 3 (above)
  8. Select the zipped file
  9. Click Open on the Find File dialog - this will bring you back to the web page. You may choose to fill out the description for your files.
  10. Click inside the check-box saying "I have read and agree to TOS"
  11. Click on the button "Share It" 
    Note: this may take a while depending on how big the zip file is and also on your internet connectivity speed....please be patient
  12. Once the file has been uploaded you will get another web page with a form
  13. Fill out the portion of the form that says "Send This File to a Friend" (it is towards the bottom of the form).
    Enter your Name and your Email;
    Enter Friend's Name as:  Adisco Webmaster
    Enter Friend's Email as:  webmaster@adisadelOnline.Net
  14. Click on the button Email It!  

Comments: The above process will create a link to the zipped file and the webmaster  will receive an email with details on how he can download the zipped file. You can create many folders with picture/video files and upload them in the same way. You may also increase/reduce the number of pictures that you save in each folder. The suggested number of 50 files in a folder is for a relatively average folder size for an optimum upload process. This number maybe too many/small depending on individual file sizes and internet connectivity speed...you may decide on something manageable for the upload process.

Thank you.