Adisadel Historical Sketch

By Gilbert N. O. Addy
Knight House, 1973

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Orleans-Pobee fostered the spirit of hard work and devotion to duty that had been evident in the School. Under his own inspiration a new life has manifested itself in the School in other extra-curricular activities, such as the School Choir, the Drama Society, the Jazz Band and the School Orchestra.

There has indeed been no other period in the School's recent history when the boys have won more academic and athletic successes. The present brilliant record is largely the outcome of team work by both the Ghanaian and expatriate staff who deserve to be congratulated..

Orleans-Pobee was also enthusiastic in his endeavour to rally the Old Boys to support their Alma Mater. He has often travelled to attend Old Boys' meetings in cities and towns.


In the year 2010 it will be one hundred years since Bishop Hamlyn founded the School, in the shadow of Christ Church, for the education of Ghanaian boys. The School still stands today as great as ever, a monument more enduring than bronze, to the foresight and wisdom of its Founder.

If one has to define that distinguishing note of the Santaclausian tradition, or, to state what has been its peculiar contribution to education in Ghana, it would not be the magnificent record of academic achievements or athletic successes. Rather, one would say that it is the stimulation of individual mind and character within the boundaries of a salutary School discipline and a strong corporate loyalty.

This has been exhibited often and often by products of the School. Moreover, it must here be recorded that the presence of the older foundation at Cape Coast-Mfantsipim School on Kwabotwe Hill-has also all along been a stimulus to Adisadel. It will be true to say that the healthy rivalry between the two old Schools has, over the years, been one of the secrets of success of either institution.

In just three years time in the year 2010, the School shall, hopefully have grown from strength to strength to celebrate its centenary. When that great day dawns, Santaclausians, to re-echo what Archbishop Knight said years ago, 'shall come from near and far to rejoice together in our proud inheritance'. And, as they once again scale the Hill, they will no doubt renew their faith in their Alma Mater and so proudly exclaim - manet inmota fides.

May the School live up to its motto, and still continue to be- "vel primus vel cum primis!"

Floreat Adisadel !

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